2017 Ford Fusion

2017 Ford Fusion

If you’re considering a 2017 Ford Fusion and you live in the Indianapolis area, you’ve landed on the right page. Everything you need to know about pricing, specials, and the Ray Skillman experience is right here. Shopping for a vehicle can be a challenging experience. Take a brief moment to read the information on this page before making the extremely important decision you’re about to make.

New Ford Fusion


Used Ford Fusion

Are you ready for a fresh infusion of impeccable design, luxurious comfort and efficiency to match? Then you are ready for a new Fusion from Ray Skillman Ford.

Join the ranks of the many, many happy Fusion owners across Indianapolis enjoying style, stability and satisfaction with every ride. Let the factory-trained experts at Ray Skillman Ford get you there with an easy, no bull experience that puts you in the driver’s seat from start to finish.

Mile after mile, you will find more reasons to love your Fusion from Ray Skillman Ford. The Fusion boasts an EPA estimated 38 combined miles per gallon, making it an ideal example of efficient operation combined with dynamic style and performance. Speaking of performance, your new Fusion is available in several engine and powertrain options to suit your specific needs.

Whatever your preference, you simply cannot go wrong with a new Fusion from Ray Skillman Ford. You will enjoy the many benefits of the Fusion’s distinctive style, performance and value; in addition to the one-of-a-kind experience you’ll get from the family at Ray Skillman Ford.

At Ray Skillman Ford, we try to make things as easy as possible for our customers. If you are considering the 2017 Ford Fusion, you owe it to yourself to take a test drive with one of our knowledgeable product specialists. Schedule your test drive below. Our consultants are here to answer your questions and show you features, not offer high pressure sales tactics while you’re driving around Indy.

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2017 Ford Fusion IndianapolisFord Fusion is the car Indianapolis needs

At Ray Skillman Ford, we know Indianapolis. Our group offers a wide variety of vehicles across multiple brands, so it’s stunning for us to come out and say that one particular vehicle is made for Indianapolis drivers, but here it is. The new Ford Fusion is made for Indianapolis.

We know this because we listen to our customers. Unlike many dealers in the area who view customers as “just another sale,” we build relationships with those who do business with us because we’re a part of this community. What we’ve heard from people like you is that the safety (2016 IIHS Top Safety Pick+), power (2.7L EcoBoost V6 engine powering the Fusion V6 Sport), and technological advancements (too many to list, but SYNC 3 is very cool) are top on the list of needs for people in the Indy area. Those insights help us to come to the conclusion that the Fusion is worth considering for you and your family.

Once you’ve decided that the Fusion is an option as your next new or pre-owned vehicle, it’s important to understand that Ray Skillman Ford is the right place to find one for everyone in the Indianapolis area. Our commitment to the community translates into three important things: we value every person whether they’re our customers or not, our team is made up of people who are from the area (no “hired gun” outsiders here), and we rely on our customers to be our public advocates. We’ve been in the area long enough to know that many dealerships rely on slick sales techniques and a “churn and burn” mentality. At Ray Skillman, we take pride in demonstrating that we’re here for the long-term relationships with our customers and their families.

2017 Ford Fusion IndianapolisNew or Pre-Owned: The toughest choice

Something that many people don’t realize about the automotive industry is that dealers generally “lean” towards new vehicles or pre-owned. For some, they prefer the ease of selling new vehicles because it requires less interaction with their customers after the sale. For others, they push their customers towards pre-owned vehicles because the potential profit margins can be higher. We understand that buying a vehicle is an extremely important decision for you. That’s why we don’t “lean” one way or the other.

Our goal is to act as your automotive consultants. Some people are natural fits for purchasing new, while others see benefits in purchasing pre-owned. We have no preference. As long as we can help you find the right vehicle to match YOUR needs, we’re here to help you make that happen. There’s a sense of quality and assurance that comes with buying a brand new vehicle, so if that’s your preference, we have plenty of new Fusions available for your to consider. There’s also a benefit to buying pre-owned when it comes to saving money and getting a vehicle that is still very high quality without paying for that “new car smell.” We’re just as prepared with an excellent selection of pre-owned Fusions for your to consider.

Regardless of which type of vehicle condition fits you the best, our intention is to help you find it. You won’t find pushy salespeople here trying to coax you in one direction or the other. Instead, we’ll help you make the decision through honest consultation if that’s what you’d like. If you’re already set one way or the other, we’ll guide you to those vehicles and help you pick out a winner!

2017 Ford Fusion IndyAt Ray Skillman Ford, price matters

Over the years, we’ve developed a reputation in the Indianapolis area of having the highest levels of customer service compared to any other group or individual dealership. This has been part of the Ray Skillman “DNA” since we opened and it translates into generations of customers who wouldn’t shop anywhere else.

With that said, things are different now. The transparency that the internet offers to consumers has made it extremely easy to shop dozens of different dealerships in a day instead of having to drive around town hunting for a deal. This is why we believe in complete and total transparency. From our specials to our tremendous inventories, we clearly mark prices for our customers online so you know what to expect before making the drive. That’s how the new digital economy works and at Ray Skillman Ford, we’ve fully embraced it.

As our customers already know, we do not believe in a standard practice used by many dealers in the industry: the bait and switch. We do not have a single vehicle that we advertise with a super-low price to get people to come buy it, only to find out that the inexpensive vehicle was sold “moments ago.” That practice has never been something we adopted and now that more people are becoming aware of it, we’re grateful for our decision to avoid it completely. Honesty triumphs over “tactics” in today’s world and Ray Skillman Ford is perfectly suited to deliver on the transparency you deserve.

New Ford Fusion IndianapolisCustomers: Our greatest fans

One of the best things about the digital era is that the people have greater reach than ever before. It wasn’t too long ago when a bad experience at a car dealership meant that customers had to make phone calls, perhaps file complaints with the various bureaus, and tell their friends and family to avoid a particular store. Today, we have the power of review sites at our fingertips.

This has been a major benefit for Ray Skillman Ford. We have always wanted our customers to be able to tell the world about their experience because we proudly treat everyone with the respect that they deserve. We’ve also hoped for a time when bad experiences that we hear about that happen at other dealerships could be exposed. Thanks to the rise of sites like Cars.com, DealerRater, and Google Reviews, we have the benefit of both.

Unlike most dealerships, we proudly display our reviews on our website. This isn’t because we’re perfect. Our company attitude of complete transparency means that we encourage everyone to let us and everyone else know about how we treated them. We don’t hide our reviews. Instead, we want everyone in the Indianapolis area to know how we do business and why they should consider us first for their next vehicle purchase or service. That’s the best way for consumers to share their experiences, whether good or bad, so that others can be aware and make their own decisions accordingly. We realize that no business is 100% perfect, but we strive to make every customer happy through the buying process and more importantly after the deal is done. That’s why we’ve been in business in the area for so long. We treat our customers with the utmost respect before, during, and after the sale.

Ray Skillman FordCome see us first

The majority of car shoppers go into the process with a plan in mind. Their intention is to shop several dealerships online, then they plan out their visits based upon the vehicles they find. Whether it’s 3, 5, or more dealerships they intend to visit, there’s something that often happens that they don’t intend. They buy a vehicle before they’ve seen all of their options.

This is done by design. Most dealerships train their salespeople to build a sense of urgency. The use of “high pressure techniques” is intended to prevent people from leaving a dealership without making a purchase. They have been led to believe based upon years of accumulated statistics that once a car shopper leaves the store, the chances of them coming back drop dramatically.

We offer a different experience at Ray Skillman Ford. Rather than pressure our customers, we stand behind our service and pricing. We are very secure in what we offer to customers, so we see no need in using high pressure tactics. The key is to make sure that car shoppers visit us before visiting others. We are confident that after seeing our prices and experiencing how we treat people, if a customer leaves to shop elsewhere, there’s a very good chance they’ll come back to see us. This is why we encourage customers to make us the first stop in their car buying process. Let us show you what we can offer in terms of a great deal and an incredible buying experience. Then, when you shop at other stores, you’ll see a very clear difference. The only time we can’t demonstrate this is if people go to other dealerships first and get pressured into buying before ever coming to see us. Let us show you how we can help first, then compare us to others. We’re confident that you’ll end up buying from us in the end.

Ray Skillman Ford Customer Reviews

DealerRater logo
DealerRater Mar 29, 2020

The dealer was very responsive and helpful. The service was always prompt and so cheerful. My salesperson Sean worked tirelessly to help me order my car from another state, putting in the extra effort and time even on restricted hours during the corona pandemic. I cannot thank them enough, and it was the best experience. After wanting a mustang since a very young age, I finally got my dream car.

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DealerRater logo
DealerRater Mar 23, 2020

Excellent customer service all the way from the salesman to lot person to sales management to finance to insurance to the tech guru: as made for a very satisfactory customer experience 🙂

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Google logo
Google Mar 17, 2020
Google logo
Google Mar 16, 2020
Google logo
Google Mar 16, 2020

Ron was excellent at helping my son get his 1st car thank you so much the experience for my son was wonderful he was very happy when he drove off the lot

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Cars logo
Cars Mar 15, 2020

Both Cornell and Josh worked with me to get the car I wanted within my budget! It was a great experience with a dad that I love!

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Google logo
Google Mar 12, 2020

The people are great at what they do

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Google logo
Google Mar 11, 2020

Michael Hendricks did another amazing job for me! Love the new truck and the great deal. Thank you Michael and the team at Skillman !

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Google logo
Google Mar 9, 2020
DealerRater logo
DealerRater Mar 9, 2020

dealer made the buying process easy.... word word word I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I

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