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Ford Trucks Indi

Toughness You Need

Do you need a truck? Whether you’re looking for a pickup truck that can give you the power and performance to get the job done or bring more fun to the party, you need to check out the Ford trucks we offer at Ray Skillman Ford. As the leading truck choice in the country, Ford is the brand you know you can trust to have a truck that will give you the quality you’re looking for.

What Do You Need a Truck to do?

Are you ready to get the job done at the different job sites around Indianapolis? Have you found a new lake where you want to take your boat out for some fishing for the weekend? Either way, you need to check out the Ford trucks we offer to have the right vehicle to help you have the power and performance you need. What you’ll find when you choose a Ford is a truck that can give you the qualities you’re looking for including a comfortable cabin that’s filled with features that make your drive much easier. Check out the tow package and ratings of the Ford F-150 and Ford Super Duty Trucks today.


Ford F-150 Selection

Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 is the most popular truck on the market and when you take it for a test drive, you’re going to know why. This is the right one of the Ford trucks to choose when you’re looking or a truck that can give you the ability to get work done, act as the family hauler when needed, and be a versatile truck that’s comfortable and filled with the technology you want. Take a test drive and imagine how much you can do when you choose this to be the truck you enjoy in Indianapolis today.

New F-150 Selection

Ford Super Duty Selection

Ford Super Duty

Are you facing some big jobs and you want to find the right one of the Ford trucks to handle the load? The Ford Super Duty trucks will provide you with the added power that comes with a larger truck that uses a bigger engine. The tow rating of the Super Duty models makes it easy for you to carry the heaviest of loads behind your truck. When you get inside the Ford Super Duty models, you’re going to see a large menu of excellent features that make driving and towing much easier for you.

New Super Duty Selection

Visit Our Team Today

Where can you find the right truck to drive? Make your way to see our team at Ray Skillman Ford today and check out the Ford trucks we offer for you to drive. You’ll love the ability to get more work done at the job sites around Indianapolis and enjoy the fact that you can pull a trailer or a boat to the outdoor location where you’re going to spend your weekend in the sun. It’s time for you to have the right truck for what you want to do; our team has the truck you’ve been looking for.